Saturday, January 24, 2009


If my intention had been to truly start at the beginning, this blog probably should have been created in August. August, when I left Virginia and began a new life in Boston. At this point so much has happened that this beginning is more like the middle.

But perhaps that's really the case with every story. For we are not the beginning of anything, but merely a part of the whole, the entire story of Creation, Fall, and Redemption. Our ending is not the End; that will be determined by Someone Else.

In the meantime, our mission is to be a part of that story, and we are now in the redeeming stage. As a nurse, I think about this often, as I care for patients in the ICU ravaged by the effects of the Fall. There is a growing hunger in my heart for redemption, and redemption in all things: bodies, relationships, the Church, love, families, minds. I am learning, bit by slowly acquired bit, what it means for me to take part in this redeeming, and what perspective I should take as a believer in an fallen world. What is my role in politics, missions, the role of the Church? What should be my attitude towards the poor, the hungry, the unborn? How do I live out my role in a world filled with disagreement, even disagreement between those closest to me?

And thus I begin writing: one girl eager for mercy, eager for justice, eager for redemption. I am a nurse, using my hands each day to do these things, but dissatisfied with my status quo. Here is a bit of a written record of one not-alone believer caught up in the search for true Truth.

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  1. DORK! I love blogs and you didn't tell me you had one?!! And I was even home today!

    P.S. Are you proud of how amazing my blog-stalking abilities are that I figured this out within 24 hours and without you telling me? Muah ha ha.

    LOVE YOU!!!!